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Exhibition Designing . . .

We are embarking on an adventure in exhibition design for the reopening of the Queen Elizabeth Hall and Purcell Rooms. Klanging in concrete once again. We love the Southbank.

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KlangHaus recording film and vinyl

The KlangHaus team are off to Eve Studios near Stockport to record songs from KlangHaus 800 Breaths and make a film. The Neutrinos and Sal Pittman are working with producer David Pye in his favourite studio, which the describes as being in a domestic house and is a genuine KlangHouse! Thanks to the support from PRS for Music Foundation and Arts Council England for this adventure.

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Thanks to who all who came and saw 800 Breaths at the Southbank Centre, always special to see some familiar faces. We had an exhilarating run with loads of sold out shows, great reviews and delightful audience feedback. We have been invited back to be part of the Queen Elizabeth Hall re-opening and we have new Klangs, in new locations in the pipeline……

Our next step is to create recordings to rival the live show and thanks to support from the PRS for Music Foundation we have started field recordings with producer David Pye and will be recording in Eve studios late September. Vinyl release slated for Jan 2018.

Southbank reviews here….

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800 Breaths

KlangHaus: 800 Breaths is up and running and wowing the audiences at the Royal Festival Hall.

Take a look at this RFH Blog post attempting to explain the show.

PLEASE NOTE: Audience members will be turned away by RFH staff if they are wearing flip flops or heels as you have to descend a ladder during the show – so please please come in (reasonably) sensible shoes!!

Here are some of the audience feedback cards…We were gonna change the question this year… but it just invites such varied responses and if we’re lucky, some drawings!

how to make your breath box . . . . .

tickets are here!

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KlangHaus 800 Breaths Announcement

We are proud to announce a bold new show for London’s Southbank, KlangHaus 800 Breaths, 1-23rd July 2017. Tickets will be on sale from Wednesday March 22nd. More details to follow when Southbank links go live this Wednesday.

Until then…. a sonic memory from last year’s sell-out run of KlangHaus On Air…..



KlangHaus: 2017

We have early news of more shows in London in July 2017. As soon as tickets go on sale we will let you know all the details, it’s the most ambitious KlangHaus yet…can’t wait to spill the beans. We’re are also planning a tour to far flung parts of the UK. If you know of a building that you think we could/should Klang in, get in touch. We are currently scouting Kings Lynn, Bradford, Sheffield, Glasgow, Bristol and Newcastle… C0OhuNrXgAEB9fx.jpg

KlangHaus – Alight Here

KlangHaus – Alight Here. Official short from The QueenSt bus depot.

A 1 week residency in Colchester September 2016.