KlangHaus Shows and Films


‘There’s a ghost in my eyes, looking out for you….’ musical saws whine, the double bass rattles our bones in a pleasing way…..we go downstairs…. are we in a radio? John Peel’s voice amongst the whirring airwaves….. The projected colours permeate the walls, a film of the sea surges into the most ominous swell. Lulled into Out To Sea, the audience settle in, find their bearings. A giant spring near the ceiling is a space ray…Then it’s mighty loud…but the room allows clarity of sound….sometimes the band are so loud but we can sing off-mic…quiet loud, loud quiet… so much detail. KlangHaus – InHaus Dec 28th – Jan 1st.

Shorts of past shows – a selection.

Queen St Bus Depot – September 2016. 1 week residency /show. KlangHaus – Alight Here

Southbank Centre – July 2016.  3 week residency /show. KlangHaus – On Air

Somerset House – June 2015 . 2 week residency. KlangHaus – Lowerground

Edinburgh Festival Fringe – August 2014. Summerhall. 3 week residency/show.

KlangHaus at The Small Animal Hospital

– photography by Jonathan Blackford, Paul Blakemore and the members of KlangHaus . . . .

Undercroft 2012 – Butcher of Common Sense Launch Night.

all photographs taken  in the Funkhaus Nalepastrasse  Berlin.

This was part of our 10 day residency that was the Butcher of Common Sense

  The mothership of KlangHaus

Butcher of Common Sense – Book Film. 2012 .

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