Timeout – London’s top ten new theatre shows:

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The Guardian: Plan your week’s theatre – top tickets

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90 knock out things to do in London this July – Timeout:

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Fringe Music & Cabaret









Rob Adams

EARLY contenders for the most creative use of a performing space award, the KlangHaus team don’t turn Summerhall’s small animals hospital into a venue so much as a musical instrument. Follow your ears is the instruction as you take the lift — or in our case the stairs — up to the musical mystery tour that has an underground feel in more ways than one.

And without wishing to give too much away, your ears will take you into a suite of rooms that house a suite of sounds, some almost industrial, some just a little bit eerie, some downright romantic and some from the post-punk school of kerrang and thunder. A disembodied voice sings as a pianist mysteriously appears to lend belated accompaniment. A musical saw adds its sympathetic cry to a childlike ballad. Drummers drum. Basses pulse. Guitars chortle. And the open, long unoccupied, spot-lit cages sit there as if in accusation.

This might not be for the claustrophobic but it’s an adventure utterly in the spirit of the Fringe and as the pied pipers lead their followers towards a very cleverly executed denouement, they leave their nursery rhyme-simple final chant hanging in the air and in all likelihood stuck in your inner ear for a good while afterwards.

Run ends August 24.


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