2022 films

I filmed hours of footage in our empty city during lockdown. Neutrinos recorded many songs in their empty city during lockdown, We are gradually bringing them together.  All of them are available here.


Artist Curation

A film made for the Concrete Dreams exhibition, the footage originates  from London Metropolitan archives,  Southbank Centre architectural archive and Arup and Partners structural engineering archive for the construction of Queen Elizabeth Hall, Purcell Room and Hayward Gallery.


Further Klang Film and Stills

Circuit head is a film made for 800 Breaths – Royal Festival Hall : Plant Room 74


3 love n cath 3 LIITB 2 Q trial 1 composite 2

All full colour Photography ©Jonathan Blackford, ©Paul Blakemore and members of KlangHaus



largestep for screen



photography from KlangHaus 1    © Mark Wernham 2013

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