What is KlangHaus?

KlangHaus develops a relationship with architecture and the built environment realised as a site responsive promenade performance using cinematic conventions, the history of the building and its ghosts.

★★★★‘the walls of the space and the music are genuinely in dialogue with each other’ Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

KlangHaus is a partnership  between musicians/sound artists The Neutrinos and visual artist Sal Pittman.

The KlangHaus approach blends a wide spectrum of moving image, light, live music, sound design and staging to accentuate and enhance the inherent qualities and attributes of iconic buildings to create an intimate and exciting journey.

KlangHaus is a true crossover experience, equally attractive to music, theatre and art audiences.



KlangHaus shows are always archived in-house, in moving image or stills –


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