Edinburgh Tickets on sale….

InHaus Edinburgh trailer……

Part gig, part domestic mayhem, part live art installation……it’s live and it’s on sale! whoop.

InHaus continues to chew-on the rulebook of gig-going. The audience sit or stand in/around the band, the musicians literally a heartbeat away, as all hell breaks loose in an enhanced domestic setting. Full-on loud to pin-drop quiet. A welcome-to-our-world, mind-the-step, hold-my-guitar-for me, kind of approach, blending sound, song, humour, image, pathos, theatre, movement and silence.

Tickets For InHaus are on sale here

Darkroom Edinburgh trailer…..

A 20 minute show in complete darkness for one person….not to be missed! It’s just you and us.

We know you, but for those that don’t… and we are excited that folks won’t know about this yet…

Developed alongside climate scientists from UEA’s Tyndall Centre and The Barn Aberdeenshire, this is an intense, profoundly emotional, affecting climate chaos wake-up call. Acclaimed at COP26, this is sound and senses virtual reality for the ears. A space to think and reflect from the creators of KlangHaus. Performed in total darkness for one person. ‘Being alone in the dark invites you to imagine being alone with a complete climate breakdown, brings home the power of nature, the powerlessness of a single human in the absence of society. Humans need society’ Catherine Rowett former Green MEP, Professor of Philosophy.

Tickets for Darkroom on sale HERE

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