Small Animal Song

This song was written for our first KlangHaus in Scotland. We were allowed to muck around, play hide n seek and make noise in an old veterinary school for a month. We thought we would be alone with the ghosts of the building. We were sonic and cinematic residents in the only part of the building that fixed up animals rather than dissected them to have a good ole look. There were names of pets on white boards, there were cages that could fit human-sized dogs, there were tiny cages for rabbits and gerbils. The operating trolley became our very tall drum-riser, the connecting rooms created a labyrinth of stages with lighting states for us to unfold a world of saturated colour, sound and song. Anesthesia, broken dreams and kept promises… this song was part of the heart wrenching finale…. and it can still bring a tear to our eye.

Artwork: Paul Flack

Sal’s relaxing guinea pig film…..

We released the song on Christmas day and you can find it on all digital platforms including the ludicrous but handy Spotify and the wonderful Bandcamp

Enjoy the noise!

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