In lockdown many artistic projects are unrealised, this page is our story for Norwich University of the Arts 3D virtual project space, Kunstmatrix, for a collection called ‘Unrealised‘.

We may be in lockdown, but we can’t help seeing the new world you provide us.

IMG_2131Photo: Sal Pittman – London Southbank April 2020

You Can’t Hum Your Way Out of This One is a song to be part of the KlangHaus proposed show for presentation at CoP26 (UN climate conference) due to be held in Glasgow November 2020, now postponed until Nov 2021.

You Cant Hum Your Way Out of This One

The flood photograph below was taken September 2019 (Nathan Clarke – ex-NUA student), nodding towards a forthcoming crisis,  little did we know it would be a pandemic, confining us to our homes.

In lockdown we proposed a KlangHaus show called HausCall. See our proposal below. Both KH projects are currently unrealised. Though we may appear static, our swan’s feet are paddling happily making content.

KlangHaus-HausCall Creative document

Sal HausCall notes


Cromer 1


Films: Sal Pittman

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