Love letter to the buildings

This is a project sal klang has been working on for the last 6 months – it is a farewell to the buildings as London College of Fashion moves to a single site at Eastbank Stratford. The show is site responsive and over 5 sites. it is a celebration of the psychogeography of the space,…


Unsung is a track written for the finale of our Four Storeys show in St Georges Works – an abandoned furniture depository where we made a large scale winter show a couple of years before lockdown. We made work based on themes of belonging, abandonment and haunting. A sense of place and uprooting. This film…


InHaus Shows – A Cathartic Start to 2023 5 preview shows in our home Dec 28th-Jan 1st 2023….. brave but oh so worth it. Full on loud and pin drop quiet. Folks entered the kitchen to be met by the sound of the sea and creaking of ships timbers, with a heady hit of spiced…

Song of the Small Animals

Another film from the series for the release of Song of the Small Animals. The latest track form the Ordinary Things album. The song written originally for the finale of our Edinburgh Fringe residency in 2014 – set in an abandoned small animal hospital, full of the creature ghosts.

Song of the Small Animals

One of 5 films for the release of Song of the Small Animals from The Neutrinos – Ordinary Things album. It was written originally for the finale song of our Edinburgh Fringe residency in 2014 which was set in an abandoned small animal hospital . . . .

Shake the Egg (full length video)

We made a film for Shake the Egg, Watch the full series here . I filmed hours of footage over lockdown – it is on its way, but along the way it is sitting very happily with the Ordinary Things tracks, becoming a kind of remote lockdown Klang meet..


A great success and total joy to make at LoveLight festival 2022 Day two cancelled by Storm Eunice , reminding us indeed of the power of nature. A lost set reminding us of the power of barcodes and depots. It was a beautiful moment seeing all your faces appear from the light . . ….

The World We Knew

Watch this here on Friday. I worked as the production designer on The World We Knew by Powis Square Pictures. We made this in 2017 in a decrepit and incredible house as the canvas in Marks Tey near Colchester – and it finally has an official release. Very excited.! Director:WW Jones & Luke Skinner

portrait prologue

Collaborating with Jon Baker ( one of us at Klanghaus) for his Voice Project company we made a prologue film for their brilliant Lockdown project Arc of the Sky . While stuck at home with the horse size pup having such a rich well of footage at my disposal, it was a dream project.

Alight Here: Klanghaus

Alight Here: KlangHaus Official short from The QueenSt bus depot. Alight Here was Klanghaus in an old bus depot, the site and parts of the structure was once the Theatre Royal, ghosts of Charles Dickens and Houdini as well as the bus conductors, engineers and drivers. ‘The show itself is a bedazzling mash up of…