Who’s Counting Released

Artwork: Paul Flack, thank you Paul.
Film Sal Pittman

Who’s Counting is the sixth release from the Ordinary Things Album…a seemingly throw away tune that cuts to the chase…. yep we’re not here long, 4,000 weeks, that’s an average lot on the planet. We sang this in KlangHaus: 800 Breaths, huddled under a low ceiling, us and the audience. We were seated on old school gym benches, unbeknownst to us at the time, these benches were kicking us all back to vulnerable times …. weeks later we got chatting to a psychologist about this Klang show, and they said, ‘You do realise what you’ve been doing here,? It’s what we call ’embodiment’ practice.’ ‘Oh, we said, no wonder the shows felt so powerful and connecting’. This led on to us working with the climate scientists and Darkroom was conceived

Who’s Counting is available on all good streaming platforms including Spotify and the damn fine Bandcamp.

Enjoy the noise ;0

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